To Everyone,

We collectively need to stop HATE and continue to LOVE one another! Hate divides and Love unifies.

Today I write a heartbreaking note to you because of the increase of attacks and murders in the Asian community. As an Asian American, I ask myself on how to write this note when so many of our brothers and sisters are hurting and being hurt. I realized, there is no right or wrong way to write how you feel but rather be honest and be real. I just hope for everyone who reads this, that you will understand and stand up for those in need of your help.

COVID-19 became the world's pandemic but rhetoric from our leader(s) calling it the "Kung-Flu" and the "Chinese virus" without regard to consequences added hatred and misguided fear against Asians all over the world. We were looked at as if the virus had been in our body since we were born, as if we were the walking virus that spreads with one cough or sneeze, and where close contact to us may even cause you to catch COVID19. There are no words to describe how Asians felt when the world looked at us as the virus.

With the recent attacks on Asian Americans across the globe, we feel uneasy, disheartened, sad and pained because questions we have are "Who is next?" "Will our parents fall victim to hate crimes?" "Will our team be okay?" "Will our team's family be okay?" "Can I go outside and not get hurt?" "Do I not belong here?" "Why do I feel depressed?" "Will I die or get hurt for being Asian?". The sad answer is that we don't know...

But I do know that the murder of 8 people where 6 of them are Asians, is a hate crime, not a bad day. I've had a bad day; the last 365 days were bad, sad, depressing and the most feared days in my life because I am Asian just like many of my team members but I do my best to make those bad days better because I know there will be better days ahead.

It pains me to write this letter because there are absolutely no real words that describes the pain behind our eyes. The sense of being hated for who we are makes us feel unwanted and dehumanizing. Here is the invisible truth that many refused to acknowledge, there is no such things as the model minority, we are poor, we get picked on, we are oppressed, we are tired, we cry at home, we take the abuse (verbally and physically) and we are now too broken to take anymore hatred and be quiet as our parents taught us to be.

As a company whose mission and values are to spread love and happiness with each cup of tea, hate has no place to stay. We need to speak up and stand up for EVERYONE! In this case we need to STOP ASIAN HATE and LOVE EVERYONE because only love can unify and create happiness!

To our Asian brothers and sisters who are hurting, who feel stepped on, left out and kicked to the curb, we do belong here and we will get through this together! We stand in solidarity with all POC and non-POC against hate in our communities!

We're not asking for pity but to sympathize, stay aware and be on the side of UNITY, LOVE, DIVERSITY, PEACE, KINDNESS, HAPPINESS and RESPECT. Spread awareness and if you see something, say something, stand up for your neighbors, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family.

If you feel alone, scared or need to talk to someone, we want to provide you with a platform to be heard! DM us on Instagram or email us at and we'll be there for you and do our best to guide you to a brighter and better day in this crazy time!

Mathew Wong
CEO and Proud to be Asian