To all our loyal-tea members,

We would like to say thank you for shopping small during this holiday season. We were very emotional from the overwhelming amount of support that we had received on our DIY Bubble Tea Gift Sets this season - we hope your friends and loved ones enjoyed our prized jewel!

This year has been nothing short of your favorite small shops and restaurants closing. We would like to take this moment to speak on behalf of other small businesses. We are continuously adapting and shifting our norms to fit the city's regulations and guidelines in order to help stop this pandemic as a whole. Unfortunately, with the shutdown on indoor dining, many of your favorite small independent restaurants had to depend on takeout and delivery as primary income.

A lot of small businesses are struggling and given the winter months, there are many who will close, hibernate, and may be working off a skeleton crew. We urge you to purchase from small businesses that you love and care about because your purchase is adding a lifeline to these small businesses who so dearly need it.

As noted in the Astoria Post article, support your favorite eateries by ordering directly from the business itself! A lot of the businesses have their own delivery drivers that deliver for free! Just give them a call. We’ve listed a few neighboring small businesses in Astoria and Chelsea below to who you can give a lifeline.


Best Pizza Shop

32-20 34th Avenue

(718) 806-1553

Not your average traditional pizza. Best Pizza Shop specializes in round and square pizza pies - all filled with delicious and extravagant flavors. Don't forget to try their hippie pie/slice!

Happy Gathering

32-20 34th Avenue

(718) 729-4488

This Chinese Food Restaurant serves up some of the best General Tso Chicken! They live up to their name - consistently serving delicious food to large parties (and small)! - Mom and Pop Owned and operated by their little daughters!


32-20 34th Avenue

(718) 793-8629

Authentic Nigerian food with specialty in West African soups and stew. Every dish is filled with amazing flavor curated by Beatrice Ajaero.

Chelsea Market

Kimbap Lab

75 9th Ave, Lower Level, Pearl River Mart, Chelsea Market, NY

Kimbap Lab offers a contemporary take on kimbap, rice rolled in dried seaweed and filled with all kinds of delicious Korean marinated proteins and vegetables. Kimbap Lab started at Whole Foods in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as a healthy, gluten-free fast casual concept bringing a modern take on Korean flavors.

Mao’s Bao

75 9th Ave, Lower Level, Pearl River Mart, Chelsea Market, NY

A veteran of the wildly popular Smorgasburg open-air food market, is bringing its unique blend of adventurous and classic tastes of sheng jian baos and soup dumplings with innovative flavors including the Impossibao, takoyaki bao, and pizza bao.