Our Story

Tea and Milk was founded by three friends under three core principles: Culture, Love, and Experience. We strive to become the leading purveyor of tea by delivering joy and vibrant flavors in every sip. We saw an opportunity to become the industry disruptor and an educator. We are on an endless journey to create teas inspired by combining traditions and modern trends.

Our Passion

Our mission is to deliver creativity and joy in every cup of fresh brewed tea. We are passionate about serving real, nutrition-smart ingredients in every cup.

Our vision is to create and perfect without compromising our core values. Our classic drinks are made with the purest ingredients and we continue to push the limits with new, crave-worthy concept teas.

Our Values

Our drinks are inspired by quality, standards, and sustainability. We are committed to bringing you a freshly brew tea infused with all-natural ingredients free of artificial flavorings. Our signature and concept teas are locally and internationally sourced with both dairy and vegan options.

Paying it Forward

We are proud of our dedication to giving back to our communities. We are committed sourcing our fruits, produce, and milks locally and internationally. With the pandemic uprooting our communities, we embarked on an initiative to keep our team working and to support frontline workers.

Our Do It Yourself “DIY” kits provided a way for people to enjoy tea in the comfort of their own homes and a part of our profits were used to donate 5,680 drinks to first responders in New York to and collaborated with our neighbor, Ten Thousand Foxes Tattoo and Pearl River Mart to donate face masks to hospitals and clinics.

As a small business ourselves, we are committed to supporting the rest of the community and strive to keep our team working in a safe environment.

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Tea and Milk Astoria

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Sunday 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Tea and Milk Chelsea

Location & Hours

Sunday 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
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